At first there was a painting made by Kenny. It sucked me in. Now I ask you to follow me. And Karin. She is the character designer for this animation. Also she is a great motivator and a listener. She listened to my story so carefully that lost her sense of time. We both did. So we missed the award winning ceremony of Vienna Short Film Festival. Instead we were playing with our minds.

At first this animation was named “At the Scene”. Because in Animaenigma exhibition you were watching it through the painting and at the end there was you. You saw yourself standing and watching that painting. Here in internet would be also interesting to use web-camera and to make you face yourself. But this is not going to happen right now. Because without the surprising moment there is no point making it happen. That is the only reason of course :)

This process was like a journey. We did some mapping at the beginning and at the end we can tell that we went through all of them. Just some came out differently than you were expected and some new things were added during the process. We also left out things. Like my hair.

At the end of this trip I cut my hair. Wrapped into folium I gave them as a gift to Karin. She is doing research about hair. Also I wanted to show her my trust. Old Estonians believed that hair is a root of your power and if you cut them you shouldn't leave it loose somewhere. Because finders might use it against you. Like voodoo. Unfolding this package of hair also unfold a new idea - we could add it as a hairy frame around the girl's face at the end of our animation.

That's why I took out ironing table - first time it got used in this apartment. We put a home-built stop-motion setting on it and instead of hot air from hot iron we blew air out through our lips. Using also hands and clicking record button fold it into choreography and looked a bit like John Cage's Water Walk. This thought came to my mind later and I was flattering myself with the idea of being part of art history. How pleasant. Later came out also, that adding it into animation didn't improve it and it simply got left out.