Reckless clothes

I made this animation during my study in Estonian Academy of Art spring semester 2015. This one is my first one. It is a chaos-driven collaboration with the urge to move forever.

There are connections that make you move and explore the surrounding. Even more - explore your inner self and make to find your way through the other.

Reckless Clothes is mainly made with charcoal and the process kind of described the story itself. Using the light table and leaving black marks on a white paper while charcoal was "dancing" between my fingers while dropping some coal dust, something you are not able to catch, though it was all around me. So my kitchen that I used as a workspace was covered with tiny black spots and looked almost like smoke sauna, which is a well known place for Estonians to get yourself clean.

Sounds were recorded together with Arno Suislep. I remember meeting him in Müüriääre cafe and showing him first sketches of the storyboard. He closed his eyes and instead of watching it he wanted to listen to my story.

Later we went to his studio and then I closed my eyes to go looking for sounds. Finding voices with him was a journey of spring that is finding its way from underground up to a surface. Walking back home after a midnight was quite a journey as well. Because suddenly I noticed dozens of small sleek animals around my feet. I had to be very careful not to step on them and it helped that they didn't move a bit. Which one to kiss to turn him into prince - I was smiling silently.

I didn't kiss a single one of them. As it turned out during a daylight they were tritons and not tadpoles. Who would he have turned into then?