Here is a short documentary about first animaenigma. It took place in Haapsalu on summer of 2015 and contained 3 main things - dance session, movie night and a week long exhibition, partly hands-on.

July 2015, Haapsalu. Rait sent me to a construction store to buy some paint. He had found a huge advertisement poster made of PVC material. We are practical people and we were ready to turn it into our advertisement by painting on the other side of it. Especially as we didn't have any money for advertisement anyway. But there was a message to spread out - he and Triin had opened a painting exhibition and I was up to announce animaenigma - a dance session followed by animations followed by a week long exhibition with stop motion workshops every day. It was possible, because I stayed there every day and so did Ekke, who was teaching a stop-motion technique to visitors who wanted to try it out.

This old house - creative center - was not in a good condition, to name lack of a toilet to begin with, but had its own charm. At first we did cleaning up and settling in. During that we found many things like leftovers. Some were also interesting, for example the old cabinet, which we turned into a doll-house. Another surprise was made by a lady who came to visit this place not because she knew about the exhibition, but she was refreshing her childhood memories. As it came out they were particularly sweet, but you should watch a film above to know more.

But back to the poster - we simply painted text on PVC and we simply put it up there on the old building which was a part of a creative center. I wouldn't say that our handwriting was fancy, but neither was a house under it, so in my opinion it was pretty harmonic combo. But harmony doesn't necessarily mean pretty. Or acceptable. This second hand solution irritated some people, among them city architect and the soul of a creative center - Aita. Aita asked for support from city government to change this situation. And by support I mean money. I thought it was impossible to get more as we already had got some. Animaenigma budget wasn't approved fully, but of course there are other projects going on and other needs to take care of. But now it turned out that they also had a need. They had the need to improve our advertisement. And our need matched theirs now.

Still I find our first second hand poster more environment friendly, but I met a graphic designer Maria at that time. It gave me this irresistible feeling that things happen by chance. I told her about animaenigma and a situation I am facing without asking her to help me. But she did. She put her hands on my boxhead photos and made a new poster, as well as flyers to print out.

There is a saying “don't change horses in the middle of the river”, but we did. The boxhead stepped in the spotlight just like an yellow rapefield suddenly became a red poppyfield. In a way it felt like a distant echo from a cyborg-selfie class, which was my elective subject in a spring semester. In addition to this nature-loving cyborg on walls there were some selfies presented in the house. Like a I'm a Butter, Baby.